PC-Doctor sets its sights on smaller makers of computers

PC-Doctor Inc. has done just fine selling software to big computer makers who each build millions of machines.

With an installed base of 120 million machines worldwide, it's selling licenses to another million computers monthly.

Now the Reno-based company thinks it can do equally well targeting the multitude of smaller computer makers who together account for half the machines built in the world.

PC-Doctor last week rolled out a new version of its diagnostic software specifically designed to be used by small computer manufacturers and value-added resellers or even the information-technology departments of large organizations.

Big companies such as Hewlett-Packard install PC-Doctor software so that they can remotely diagnose problems with customers' computers saving everyone the hassle and expense of shipping a computer back to the factory or sending out a technician.

Doug van Aman, chief marketing officer for PC-Doctor, says the company's new build-to-order product allows the company to sell its system to small users.

The company's BTO the initials stand for "Build to Order" Support Center allows small firms use their own logos, look and support information with the software developed by PC-Doctor.

They then download it from the Web site for installation on machines that they build or service. Costs start at $50 for five licenses and decrease with volume purchases.

PC-Doctor will pitch the product as a way for small PC makers or service firms to strengthen their relationships with their customers and as a way to reduce the costs and trouble of fixing some software problems.

Because the new system is based on products that PC-Doctor sells to big manufacturers, and because it's delivered over the Web, the company wasn't required to sink big dollars into its development, van Aman says.

The company will launch a trade magazine advertising campaign for the BTO Support Center next month.


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