State bar exam

Northern Nevadans who passed the most recent Nevada bar exam included:

Reno: Tiffani C. Aanestad, Lawrence Belasco, Ethan J. Birnberg, Gabrielle F. Bunker, LaDonna J. Childress, Ryan W. Cobb, Carmen DiBitonto, Biray Dogan, Emily R. Dow, Mark W. Dunagan, Tyler M. Elcano, Charity F. Felts, Christopher A. Hilen, Brent M. Keele, Julie B. Krom, Courtney L. Miller, Jason C. Morris, Stephanie M. Shannon, Adam O. Spear and Courtney G. Sweet.

Carson City: Angela D. Bullentini, Jacqueline A. Gilbert, Minos T. Gordy, M. Annie Levig, Jennifer J. Merideth and Jeng-Daw Yu.

Sparks: Michelle R. Bumgarner, James E. Keller, Paul M. Meadows and Matthew D. Lee.

Elko: Denise A. Bradshaw, Meagan L. Kelly, Daniel S. Slimak.

Fallon: Steven W. Cochran and Stanley F. Wheeler.

Washoe Valley: Benjamin R. Johnson.

Yerington: Frank Phelan.

Spring Creek: Hiliary N. Wilson.


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