Business plan: Give drunks a ride home

A new business that will ferry drunk drivers and their vehicles safely home has been launched in Reno by Barney Johnson.

Never Drive Drunk kicked off Sept. 1. The pay service, which has plans to expand to other cities, offers inebriated partygoers a ride home using two independent contractor drivers. One takes the patron home; the other drives the patron's car.

Johnson says about 70 drivers have signed up so far. Drivers are not paid except for tips from riders.

Annual fees for the service start at a promotional price of $199 for individuals with a $20 gratuity per ride suggested for the drivers. Families of four residing at the same address can sign up for $550, and groups of six or more can join for $1,199.

"It's kind of like DUI insurance," says Johnson, who spent a year in prison after receiving his third offense for driving under the influence. "I believe we can take this model and sweep across other cities and states."


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