Mine-tire consultancy launched

Experience spent consulting mining companies on methods to get the most life out of the tires on their vehicles led Reno resident Mike McCarly and his business partner, David Travis, to launch OTR Tire Supply LLC.

OTR Tire specializes in consulting, but the company also distributes tires when they suggest products to mining companies that can't find the specified products through local distributors.

McCarly says savings can be in the millions if mining companies can avoid vehicle downtime due to tire maintenance or replacement.

"Those huge haul trucks produce hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of materials per hour," he says. "If we could save an hour a month for tire maintenance and service, that amounts to millions of dollars over the course of a year.

"One of our primary functions is to try and make tires run a lot longer. One of the real ways to save money in a mining operations tire program is to buy fewer tires. We try to show them ways to reduce the amount of tires they use."

OTR Tire and Supply has four employees and works out of office space in Lemmon Valley. The company consults with mines throughout the world and also works with the many mines in Nevada.

When it supplies tires to mining companies, OTR either buys product and rents warehouse space or ships directly from the manufacturer to the minesite, McCarly says. The company's web site is http://www.otrtiresupply.com and its phone number is 877-426-1090.


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