Letters to the editor Dec. 17

Feedback on new

dog park is fantastic

In May 2008, dog owners organized to form a nonprofit community group, Parks 4 Paws, with the goal of creating designated dog parks in Carson City.

Parks 4 Paws worked with Carson City's Parks and Recreation Department to create Carson's first designated dog park, a park which would be exclusively used for dogs, by dogs and their owners.

See our web page at www.parks4paws.com to find out more.

A handful of individuals have worked doggedly (pun intended) to bring Carson City a new and safe place for large and small dogs to play at the west end of Fuji Park.

The feedback we are getting is fantastic. Look for improvements in ground cover and more seating to come in the future. We will have a grand opening this spring. Meantime, come and try it out.

Parks 4 Paws will also still have fundraising events to add more play equipment, shade structures and the like. You can help right now with naming opportunities for benches, trees, even fencing. Donate at the website.

We have to report one major disappointment. From the start, we wanted fake fire hydrants. It's where dogs go to give and get the news. Imagine our shock when we found out the fire department nixed the idea. They are afraid in an emergency situation, firemen might try to hook up to the fake hydrants. We even offered to paint them pink, to no avail.

Please, chief, tell us it isn't so.

Ilona Strull

Carson City

Writer should show some compassion to others

Mr. Dealy's Question No. 1 was, "Who are the people holding Jesus signs and what do they want?"

People holding Jesus signs are simply exercising their First Amendment right, just as you were when you wrote your letter, just as I am writing this letter. They're not trying to shove their beliefs on anyone, rather just letting you know they trust in Jesus.

Question No. 2 was, "Who is the elderly person playing guitar downtown? I can only say, who cares? Don't sweat the small stuff, Mr. Dealy.

Question No. 3 was about the Judgment Day sign. I'll give you that one. It should come down. I mean, how embarrassing for the people who put it up, the day has come and gone.

You made a comment about the transients who need to get a life. Have you been paying any attention to the unemployment crisis, the recession in the nation, state or even this city? People all over this country are struggling every day to make ends meet, myself included, because of this crisis.

I'm afraid that you, Mr. Dealy, are the one who needs to get a life, get real. Right now, especially because it's the holiday season, we should be compassionate, tolerant and respectful to all those people in need.

We never know when we might be the ones who will need that compassion, when we will lose our homes, jobs or our freedom. A little tolerance will return to you tenfold.

Carolina Soga

Carson City

Processing plant is

a slaughterhouse

The proposed Walker River Meat Processing Plant in Wabuska is just a fancy name for a slaughterhouse.

They also say they will use 1 million gallons of water a day. Where is all that water coming from? Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't we a desert state?

Charles L. Sheldon



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