Distracted drivers: NHP looking for you

NHP is running a special enforcement campaign this week, looking for distracted drivers and violations of laws regarding emergency vehicles.

The team will work highways in the Carson City and Reno areas, looking for motorists who are ignoring the new cell phone law.

NHP public information officer Chuck Allen said the most common violation is motorists talking or texting while their vehicle is stopped for a traffic signal.

"Even though the vehicle is stopped, one is still operating a motor vehicle," he said.

To comply with the law, he said, motorists may use only a hands-free device when behind the wheel.

Allen said there have also been too many violations of laws requiring motorists to yield to emergency vehicles. When seeing a vehicle with flashing emergency lights - including tow trucks - motorists are required to reduce their speed and move a lane away from the vehicle when possible. Motorists are also required to pull over to let an emergency vehicle through traffic.

Allen said the campaign is federally funded under a program that provides equipment, training and overtime for planned enforcement activities. Other campaigns include DUI checkpoints, patrols to enforce crosswalk violations and speeding.


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