Prom royalty hopefuls court students

Jim Grant/Nevada Appeal

Jim Grant/Nevada Appeal

Clint Page knows how to pick up a girl. He simply asks: "Are you a parking ticket? Because you've got 'Fine' written all over you."

Nominated for this year's prom king at Carson High School, Clint joined fellow candidates Monday at an assembly to introduce themselves to the senior class.

Candidates revealed favorite pickup lines, best high school memories, role models and other tidbits about their lives.

If queen nominee Analiza Ong could be any candy bar, she said, she would be a PayDay, because she "would make it rain."

Candidates were divided by gender and participated in competitions that were not quite what they seemed.

Boys were blindfolded and told they were going to receive a kiss on the cheek from one of the queen candidates. They had to rate the kiss, then guess who delivered it.

What they didn't know is they were being kissed by their moms or sisters.

Brock Predere, 17, didn't hesitate after his kiss.

"That was a solid 10," he determined.

And he didn't regret it after he realized it was his mom.

"I was happy," he said. "Otherwise I'd get home and she'd give me a hard time."

Rory Petersen wasn't fooled by his 20-year-old sister, Skylar.

"Who else would lick their hand and wipe it on my face?"

The female candidates were in for their own surprise, as well. Before they assembly, they were able to practice on an obstacle course set up in the gym, where they had to army-crawl under a tarp, step over boxes and maneuver through a pair of hula hoops.

They were blindfolded and told to complete the course with some direction from student council members. The trick? The obstacle course had been removed.

Despite the pranks, Eliza Matley said she was happy to be a candidate.

"It's exciting to get to go through the whole experience," she said. "It will be a good memory always."

Candidates are nominated by teachers at the high school and will be voted on during Saturday's prom.

King candidate Tommy Champion said he can't predict who'll walk away with the crown.

"Everyone's well liked," he said. "It's anyone's game."

Senior citizens invited to prom

Carson High School's Senior Senior Prom returned last year after a six-year hiatus from the tradition.

"It was hilarious," said leadership adviser Misty Harris. "Some of our guests started teaching the students how to dance. It was very interactive."

The night before the prom, the high school invites Carson City's senior citizens to come down and cut a rug amid the decorations that are already set up.

Harris said about 50 senior citizens attended last year, and she expects it to increase this year.

"We've gotten the word out a lot better this year," she said. "I'm hoping for a lot of people."

The free dance will be from 7 to 9 p.m. Friday in the gym of Carson High School, 1111 N. Saliman Road.


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