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130 years ago

(Continued from Friday) The chosen bride retires to her wickiup at the appointed time and huddles in a corner. If she does not like the bridegroom she gets up and runs away as he enters the wickiup. If the man is her choice, she remains and becomes his slave for life. The old king will have an easier time now, as the Queen will have to rustle for grub for the aged monarch.

100 years ago

An auto party has returned from making a general circle around Lake Tahoe. They say once the road from Tallac to Emerald Bay and to McKinney's is completed, autoists will be able to drive from Sacramento to any point in the lake, except for a stretch between Glenbrook and Incline, where there is no road.

70 years ago

Tire rationing boards throughout California will receive the names of all persons stopped by highway patrolmen for driving over 40 miles per hour. California highway patrolmen issue 200 citations per day to drivers exceeding that speed. Applicants for new tires must swear they have not driven over 40 miles per hour.

50 years ago

The Carson City 20-30 Club remains undefeated in donkey baseball. The local club edged the Douglas county 20-30 crew 3-1. The Carson club reportedly talked "donkey talk" to the donkeys. The Douglas crew complained the Carson club were too friendly with the donkeys.

20 years ago

A proposal to extent the V&T Railroad from Gold Hill to Carson City gathered steam following endorsement by the Western Nevada Development District.

10 years ago

The career and hobbies of Jesse Norton Pickett, a retired mine safety administrative officer, is highlighted in a story in the Appeal.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada

Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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