Letters to the editor, Aug. 22

Dayton man disgusted with president

Barack Obama is a low-class con man.

He has done everything within his power to conceal his past, yet sends out his disgusting minions (i.e., Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, David Axelrod, etc.) to clamor for his opponent's historical records.

Obama has done everything possible to distance himself from authentic relations to a racist pastor, the Rev. Wright; a domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers; devout communists such as Frank Marshall Davis and Van Jones; and convicted felons such as Tony Rezco.

He refuses to release his college records. He tells us he snorted cocaine and smoked pot.

His Justice Department protects Black Panthers and sends guns to Mexican drug cartels that kill a border agent.

He pays back wealthy business supporters with half a billion dollars in now bankrupt government loans (Solyndra).

He waffles between indifference and antipathy for private business.

He hasn't met with his jobs council for more than six months, yet his unemployment rate stands at 8.3 percent.

Now his ruthless sycophants are accusing his opponent of murder by lack of insurance (see the Soptic ad).

Obama truly is the most despicable person to ever disgrace the Oval Office.

This is a shell game I don't want to play.

Dan Cerda



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