Back to school, home and away, sparks youthful anticipation

As Labor Day looms and summer wanes, Carson City-area youths are heading back to school or returning to home schooling.

A random check of a few young people at the downtown Carson City Farmer's Market Saturday had those interviewed voicing no trepidation and some offering up real anticipation. In some cases, schooling had already started for this year.

Sports, other activities and the opportunity to make new or renew old acquaintances were mentioned, as well as the opportunity to learn more.

• • •

Lauren Hudak, 13, enters the eighth grade this year and it will be her final year at Eagle Valley Middle School in Carson City.

"I think I'm ready," she said. "Ready for something different."

She sounded particularly interested in returning to play point guard in basketball.

Her mother, Vicki Hudak, also sounded a positive note about the upcoming school year for her daughter because Eagle Valley's physical plant underwent some changes.

"It's all remodeled," she said. "It got a new addition."

• • •

Christopher Rowe, 10, already started classes at Jacks Valley Elementary School last Monday.

"I like it," he said. The fifth-grader said he really enjoys Thursday classes. "Thursday we get to do fun activities."

He said on that day of the week he enjoys physical education, library and computer work, as well as more time out of classrooms for recess.

Christopher was with his parents, Timothy and Harriet Rowe. Timothy Rowe, a retired federal worker now with the state, said his son is excited this year as well because he is learning to play trumpet and joining in a new extracurricular activity.

"He gets to do band," said the elder Rowe.

• • •

Also at the Saturday market were Megan Wilhelm, 16, her sister Caitlin, 9, and their friend Haley Funk, 10.

All of them have been home schooling, but Megan Wilhelm has moved on at her young age to be an honor student at Western Nevada College.

"It's different," said Megan. "I see more people."

She started at WNC in 2010, will take five classes and 16 hours and finish her Associate Arts degree in December. Part of her curriculum is in American Sign Language (ASL).

Haley Funk already began home schooling for the year, starting back with her brother and sister the second Monday of August.

Caitlin Wilhelm will begin her home schooling for the year the first Tuesday in September.


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