Carson City couple arrested on 22 counts of possession of stolen property

Two Carson City residents on probation for theft were charged late Thursday with multiple counts of possessing stolen property after authorities searched their apartment and found hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of paintings, jewelry, electronic items and other material listed in theft reports dating to last June.

Jeira Polanco, 24, and Timothy Sparacino, 27, were charged with 22 counts apiece following a surprise visit to their home by Kim Vine, their state Parole and Probation officer. Vine had become suspicious about their activities following their probationary sentences imposed in April on three theft counts apiece. They also had been ordered to pay $22,000 in restitution.

The two have been in the Carson City Jail on a parole and probation hold since Dec. 11, when Vine made the surprise visit to their home.


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