'A whole new look' for Fremont Elementary

Parents and students should expect some changes at Fremont Elementary School when classes resume July 30.

"It's a whole new look for our school," said Principal Casey Gilles.

The first difference parents will notice is the new designated area for dropping off and picking up students.

Rather than driving into the parking lot then in front of the school - as has traditionally been done, with cars inching along - a driveway has been constructed along the west side of the school.

One lane will be for cars waiting to load and unload. The other lane will be a steady flow of traffic.

Kindergarten will continue to use the front of the building.

The playground had to be rearranged to accommodate the new driveways. As the equipment was moved, Gilles said, the older pieces were replaced with new ones.

"This is our portion of the bond money," Gilles said. "It may not be pretty, but it fixes some of the problems we've had here. Our needs have always been for better traffic flow and drainage out back."

She said construction crews started the day after school let out and have worked long hours to complete the work because of Fremont's shorter summer break.

The Carson City School District's only year-round school will resume a month earlier than the other schools' Aug. 27 start date.

The office is open now through the first day of school for registration. Gilles said parents new to the area should double check which school their children will be attending.

"We usually get some parents who are in our zone and didn't realize we start early," she said.

However, this will be the last year of the confusion. Next year, the school will follow the traditional school calendar of the rest of the district.

Students returning to class will look a little different, as well. The elementary school adopted a dress code this year, where students will wear red, white or blue polo shirts. The dress code is in line with the other elementary schools in the district.

Students who do not show up in the standard student attire, Gilles said, will receive a warning.

Gilles asked for parents' and students' patience as they adjust to the modifications around the school.

"There's a lot to get ready, but I'm anxious to get the staff back and welcome the kids on the 30th," she said. "I've missed them."


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