Road Report

The following information applies to the period of March 19-25:

There will be work at the following locations as a result of the freeway landscaping project. No closures are expected, but traffic control will be in effect. A description of the work being done at each location is included below.

• College Parkway in the vicinity of the freeway - The Comstock Lode is the theme at College Parkway where images of ore veins will be complemented by steel cutouts of miners working under the bridges.

• Highway 50 East in the vicinity of the freeway - The interchange at Highway 50 expresses a V&T Railroad theme, using images of the V&T shop doors on the north side of the interchange while an image of a train emerging from a canyon adorns the south side.

• Northgate Lane between Jumbo Court and Dyer Court, and Emerson Drive between Mark Way and College Parkway - The Northgate Lane and Emerson Drive grade separations share dual themes, with cattle images under the Northgate Lane overpass portraying the Sam Davis Ranch theme on the north side of the freeway and murals depicting Pony Express riders over Northgate Lane and Emerson Drive to represent the Pony Express concept.

• North Carson Street, in the vicinity of the freeway overpass - The shadow of an eagle is being etched and painted on the slope paving at the Eagle Valley themed interchange to compliment the 30-foot steel eagle to be constructed this summer.

• Arrowhead Drive between North Carson Street and Garnet Way - Images of trucks convey the 1919 Transcontinental Motor Convey theme for the interchange.

• Russell Way between Highway 50 East and East Long Street - Earlier forms of transportation are celebrated at the Northridge/Carmine grade separation, where images of stagecoaches racing take the viewer back to earlier time.

On Thursday, utility work will be conducted in the vicinity of the following roads. There may be temporary lane closures with flagger-controlled traffic.

• Goni Road north of Fermi Road.

• Salk Road between Bohr Road and Avery Road.

• Fulton Court.

For more information, call Patrick Pittenger at 887-2355 Ext. 7396.


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