Officials approve smart meter opt-out program

LAS VEGAS (AP) - Officials have approved an alternative for NVEnergy customers who don't want the new smart meters.

The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada says Southern Nevada customers opting out can pay $98.75 to install an electric meter, plus $8.14 every month.

Northern Nevada customers opting out will pay a $107.66 upfront cost, plus an $8.04 monthly fee.

Northern Nevadans can also opt out of a smart gas meter for a one-time fee of $6.08.

NV Energy has installed about 1.3 million smart meters, which can transmit meter-reading data directly from a home or business to the utility.

Some customers critical of the meters fear they might cause health hazards or invade their privacy.

The alternative meters require someone to manually check the readings each month.


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