NHP targets distracted drivers

Truckers and other motorists on Interstate 80, the new I-580 freeway and on U.S. highways 395 and 50 should make sure they put cell phones, shavers, makeup or food down and stay heads-up about their driving this week.The Nevada Highway Patrol’s Commercial Enforcement Unit is stepping up enforcement of laws against distracted driving. The enforcement program started Monday and lasts until Friday. While the focus is on commercial vehicles, troopers are looking for any distracted drivers, the NHP said. “Commercial troopers will be saturating I-580, I-80, Highway 395, and Highway 50, looking for distracted drivers, as well as other traffic violations” such as unsafe driving around big rigs or other vehicles, according to the NHP.Drivers in front of truckers need to be careful about any sudden stops because “commercial vehicles do not stop on a dime,” the NHP said, adding that drivers following big rigs need to realize that if they can’t see a trucker’s face in the trucker’s rear-view mirrors the big-rig driver can’t see them either.


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