Senator Square: Share the love for Carson High

I love CHS. It’s no secret to students and staff that I truly do believe I work at the greatest school in Nevada. And this year, the student leadership group has taken on this very sentiment as their year-long mission to build up the school from the inside out.The theme they have chosen is “I love CHS.” The hope is to get more students, staff and community members involved in the activities at CHS. When students walked in to the building on the first day, they were greeted with this theme plastered on the walls. The school planners given to the students the first day are appropriately designed with the “I love CHS” banner on the front to serve as a reminder to the students each and every time they look at it.School spirit has to start within and then hopefully it will grow beyond our walls. If you love CHS as much as we do, contact us and we’d love to put a CHS poster in your place of business. Please help us spread the love.DRIVE ONE 4UR SCHOOLOne of the easiest (and cheapest) ways I have ever been able to support a school program is through this event. Every year, Ford Motor Co. — Capital Ford — comes to our school and allows people to test drive their cars.For each test drive, the company donates $20 back to the school organization. It has never taken me more than 10 minutes to participate in this test drive. I have never been approached to purchase their cars, and no salesman bothers me with a sales pitch.Here is your chance to help the CHS volleyball and track teams. The Drive One 4UR School fundraiser will be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday in the north parking lot. We have an opportunity to raise $6,000 in one day, but we need your help.Contact coach Erin Been at 775-283-1766 for more information.STUDENTS TO RAISE MONEYSenior Hannah Novak is in her fourth year on the Student Council, and this year she is the student body historian. For her senior project, she has decided to raise money for Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation. She will be teaming with the CHS Student Council in a yearlong attempt to raise as much money as possible for this local charity. She will be reaching out to multiple aspects of Carson City’s community, but most importantly, she will be depending on Carson High School for support.The yearlong charity event was announced on Friday at the welcome back assembly.Her first goal is to raise $3,000 in three weeks.If this goal is reached, she and her classmate Lydia Lopez will be shaving their heads at the homecoming assembly Sept. 17 in solidarity with children battling cancer. All of their hair will be donated to Locks of Love. Both of them are hoping that by showing how dedicated they are, support will increase. Community members are encouraged to support their efforts also. What a cool project and I know I will be scraping up some funds to help these girls. Good luck Hannah and Lydia!SENIOR SPOTLIGHTCarson High School is proud to spotlight senior Michael Samii.Michael’s plan is to double major in finance and possibly physics. He hasn’t decided on the second major. He hasn’t chosen a college yet, but plans to go out of state.Michael’s extracurricular activities include team captain of the boys varsity soccer team, FBLA, National Honor Society, and he plans on joining Speech and Debate. He also plays the piano and plays on a club soccer team. Thanks, Michael, for your contributions to Carson High School.• Angila Golik is a government and sociology teacher at Carson High School and a member of Senator Pride.


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