Letters to the editor

Do you really know who President Obama is?

Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer said, "When you're running for president, everything should be public, including your full medical records. I believe in a right for privacy, but when you're running for president, which is such an important job, the need of the public to know supersedes it."

In reading letters in support of Barack Obama, including Nick Nicosia's, the question arises: Do you really know who Obama is? The truth is no.

Here's a short list of Obama's sealed files: Medical records, passport records, repatriation records, name change, elementary school, Punahou school financial aid, Columbia College, law client list, state senator career files and Illinois State Bar records and files.

Any of these that may apply to other candidates are on public record. Obama's doctor is quoted saying the president is "in good health" at the same time his lawyers sealed all his medical records.

But we still want to see Mitt Romney's taxes while giving Obama a pass because we believe George W. Bush got us into illegal wars even though a bipartisan vote authorized the use of force.

No one knows who Obama really is; however, it is becoming clearer by the policies he is enacting.

Maybe his supporters are worried about what he may give them for free rather than what is best for our country. To any family with a recent new child, congratulations on your childbirth and the $45,000-plus debt your child inherited, even though the child has not paid a dime in taxes.

Richard C. Troolines


Speeding still is illegal

In the Aug. 26 letters to the editor, Mr. Victor Bruno stated that we still have the "freedom to drive 5 to 10 miles an hour over the speed limit."

Having held driver safety classes for quite a number of years, I would ask Mr. Bruno: Where do you find this in the DMV manual?

To all drivers: There is no place in the rules of the road that allows tailgating, running stop signs or not using your turn signals.

If you have been lucky enough to get by without a ticket, standby. Your time will come.

Bill Beil

Carson City


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