Letters to the editor for Thursday, Aug. 8, 2013

Only God has power to take a human life

Regarding Ron Lowe’s July 20 letter on abortions, abortion (legal or illegal) is a sin against God’s Fifth Commandment: Thou shalt not kill!

That was not a suggestion. God is the sole author of life. If He decides to instill life, nobody — and I mean nobody — has a right to take that life!

If abortion becomes illegal again, there would be fewer abortions because not all women are stupid enough to personally jeopardize themselves with swallowing lye or strychnine, use shots to inject turpentine into their wombs or throw themselves down a staircase! The fact they cannot get someone else to do their dirty work might give them pause to reconsider committing this heinous sin.

Abortion is one of the reasons America is undergoing our current difficulties. Between abortions and the pushing of homosexuality (Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?) as “normal,” one should be able to discern that God is not a happy camper with America and is trying to get our attention.

If we don’t change our modus operandi, we will probably kill our once great nation! How long do ya figure God’s gonna put up with these satanic evils—which is exactly what these are?

Mary Santomauro


Horses overpopulated; couldn’t they be food?

I am curious as to why we can not treat the wild horses like any other overpopulated species.

I mean, it looks to me like the pen on Pyramid Highway is cruel. If you drive through Stagecoach, there is horse dung everywhere. Why can’t we eat them? Is there a real reason why we can’t?

I know the horse owners have an excessive influence. After all, there are no more than 20 properties in Carson that have horses actually on them. Anytime public use of land comes up, horses get more rights than others. What is changing hands to make this extreme minority so influential?

Rob Cobb

Carson City


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