Mix, match design elements to support your brand

So you have a beautiful interior design finished package for your commercial space and now it is time to select furniture. Once you have determined the desired durability, dimensions, and budget, do you match the style and interior design finishes or do you mix in accent pieces? Do you want a focal point or a cohesive overall design concept? Here are some great examples that will inspire you and help you create an inviting commercial space for your clients and staff.

Mixing is a concept used in design where you can take a multitude of pieces and work with different finishes and patterns to create a space that is unique but still functional. Blending styles with pieces you love can dramatically change a space and make it connect with your brand’s style and vision. Take the University of Nevada, Reno’s Overlook Café for example. This trendy college hangout is perched above the tranquil Manzanita Lake with a view of the Sierra over the skyline of downtown Reno. Targeted to a youthful demographic, the interior design elements include neutral textured tones on carpet, columns emulating trees and blue sky-like ceilings extending the nature theme into the dining room.

So what patterns, shapes and colors of furnishings would support our design concept and create a welcoming space to meet and greet classmates and friends? Do you choose a tone on tone or add a punch of color? To set the stage for dynamic dining at the university, we chose a mix of laminate tabletops: playful lemon yellow tabletops with a graphic pattern of oranges and butterflies randomly dispersed among a base of earth tone tabletops — making a mountain meadow statement. Playing off the bright hues, the vibrant orange metal framed chairs float around, giving the space a lively and energetic feel. The interior design plays off the view and nature themes while the furnishings create a fun and welcoming focal point.

Russ Meyer, associate director of housing operations and dining service at the University of Nevada, Reno says, “We wanted a space our students would find bright and energizing. With all the windows the space needed to be exciting so the décor wouldn’t be overshadowed by the view. Our customers love it.”

Try reversing this design concept by using matching pieces of furniture, neutral tones that connect with the pieces you have chosen and sticking to a color palette that weaves into all of your design elements. In commercial spaces, you might notice the matching technique more often than not. This design style can bring sophistication and consistency to a brand.

A great example of this technique is Muckel Anderson CPA’s interior design finishes which are sleek and modern with a warm welcoming neutral color scheme. A traditional cherry wood reception desk is dressed up with a brushed aluminum chevron focal point creating the perfect location to greet customers.

Having an inviting reception area that plays off of the style you want to convey will connect your customers to your overall brand. For this design project, the reception chairs needed to be comfortable and reflect the modern style of the office. Our design concept uses a neutral canvas with subtle enticing materials, blending the furnishings and interior design elements. Custom-designed cherry wood framed chairs feature a chevron negative shape in the back upholstery, mirroring the metal insert of the reception desk. The soft grey tone textile with subtle circles plays off the curvilinear contours of the reception desk. The furnishings blend with the interior design, creating emphasis with color tones, shapes and patterns.

Rachael Austin, CPA, CFE of Muckel Anderson shares her passion about the project, “Since our team includes many young professionals, we thought it was important to balance a sophisticated look with clean, contemporary design elements. Marilee helped us select chairs and fabrics that complimented glass and stainless steel finishes. The end result was a cohesive, modern design concept.”

In commercial furnishings, there are a multitude of options, colors, textiles, woods, metals, resin, glass, and more to help support your design concept. From stock items to completely custom furnishings a little creativity and planning go a long way to extend a warm welcome to your customers. Good design means good business and with Sage Interiors our goal is to inspire beauty in any space you are looking to design.

Marilee Wintz is a registered interior designer and owner of Sage Interiors LLC in Reno. Contact her through www.sage-interiors.com.


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