Letters to the editor for Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013

Illegal immigrants steal from our nation

Sometimes it is necessary to use the absurd to point out the obvious. I will posit that bank robbers should be protected.

Bank robbery should not be a crime. The robbers are stealing money because they need to feed their families. They are not criminals because they obey the laws that they believe in. We should give them arms and ammo so that we can control what kinds of danger they pose to society. We should hold marches to show that they are our heroes. That is the absurd.

Now, replace the bank robber with the illegal alien. My family has members that would like to come to America. They are going to college so they can qualify. They will stay here with a visa and not steal someone else’s identity. They will not ask that they are given amnesty and that the rules be changed just for them. These people are my heroes.

Frank Z. Paluch

Carson City

Shelter should hire compassionate staff

Thank you, Jeraldine Archuleta, for writing the Nevada Appeal. I am so sorry you lost your dog and sorry I didn’t write a letter to the Appeal when the same thing happened to my family. Perhaps if I and others in Carson had written about the rude, uncaring and uncooperative staff at the Carson Animal Services, your dog might be alive today.

This is not a new problem at the shelter. The problem is the staff. Two days of training will not change an uncaring person. The staff needs to be removed and someone who has a heart hired.

Linda Arkeketa

Carson City


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