Letters to the editor for Saturday, Aug. 24, 2013

Solution to issues with education isn’t money

Common Core is another example of how the federal government hampers the education of our children. Standards Common Core has for students is all about interpretation of text with not one standard for teaching kids to read.

Reading is the most important skill we can teach our kids. Through reading they can learn to do anything. School districts are stuck on whole language which has been proven ineffective. Programs are required by the Feds, and our administrators and governor go along because the money given out with strings attached. By taking money, the school district loses the right to try programs that work.

Standards for grade school from Common Core start out assuming kids can read! Teachers are strapped with these programs by devoting mandatory time to useless programs demanded by the Feds. They have to devote even more time to prepare the kids for the tests these programs require. Why are some states refusing to participate?

More money will not solve the education problem. The Department of Education has tons of money that they waste. There are 42 programs to teach teachers how to teach. I thought they did that in college. When the Department of Education was formed, the US was ranked tenth in the world in math and science. Check out where we are now. More than 40 percent of Nevada high school seniors don’t receive a diploma after 12 years in our system. What is the school district’s answer? Add another year to the high school and add more administrators.

James Lowe


Snowden’s acts forced NSA to clean up its act

I am having trouble understanding the news. Edward Snowden is visiting Russia, and Obama wants him returned to the US before he is ready. Is embarrassing Obama a crime? Has he been charged with any crime? If not, what right does Obama have to cut his visit short?

I thought Obama was going to have a transparent administration. At least Snowden has caused some changes to be made in the National Security Agency according to Obama’s recent search. It is my understanding our government encourages whistleblowers like Snowden.

The press calls the treasonous in Syria “rebels.” I thought if you took action to overthrow the government it is treason. Why are our tax dollars going to support treason? Is it because we always support treason? Egypt, Libya, etc. It seems Russia is on the legal and moral side of the Syrian matters in supporting the existing government in Syria.

Julian C. Smith Jr.

Carson City


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