Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013

Columnist’s ranting doesn’t merit space

I’m afraid I don’t understand the Appeal’s publishing of Dan Mooney’s commentary. Of course it is an opinion, but it belongs with the rants in the letters to the editor section, not as a (presumably) well-written and thought out commentary. I guess my favorite sentence was, “Rational thinking drives conservatives.”

In recent years, the science-denying, visceral gut-reactive conservatives have been responsible for the continuing degradation of our environment and the only place we have to live at the moment, the continued restriction of most everyone’s rights (except of course their right to hold a gun and use it in whatever method seems “appropriate” to them), the 2008 financial meltdown and the excesses of Wall Street from which almost no one except Wall Street has recovered and the government’s continued intrusion into our sex and reproductive lives. The rational part of this escapes me.

He begins with the conclusion that the two thought processes (yes, he believes that liberal and conservative are thought processes, not ideologies) are absolutely incompatible. This opinion will never allow our country to move forward, and above all we need to move forward. Democracy is founded on compromise, and the very real fact that everyone’s voice can be heard. Dan Mooney’s column is insulting and shuts down any civil discussion of ideas.

Barb Williams

Carson City

Animal shelter’s story is ridden with holes

I wold like to comment on a letter written Aug. 4 about the animal shelter. She did call and also went down to the pound to see if her dog was there. And then they lied and said they didn’t know where the dog was. It was one time. I could see if it happened often. They should communicate to her and tell her if it happens too often, they will up her charges for picking up her dog and eventually put it up for adoption instead of charging her $100. They came up with a story that it was their property. Really? Whose dog is it really?

I am really disappointed in our animal shelter. That’s a stupid way to run a business even though it is the only shelter! I think jobs need to be lost and get people with compassion for people and their pets.

Ruth Berg

Carson City


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