Letters to the editor for Friday, Aug. 30, 2013

Roads are a priority for government’s budget

According to your article on Gov. Sandoval’s quest for new ideas to “fix Nevada’s highway tax system,” NDOT is considering a vehicle-miles-traveled (VMT) tax requiring a GPS snitch box in every Nevadan’s car. A VMT tax would punish the fuel efficiency our government and the environmental nags have forced us to achieve.

In addition, transportation has become a burdensome cost for other reasons. Add to Obama’s war on big oil that has doubled gas prices the EPA mandate that refiners blend increasing amounts of ethanol each year into less and less gasoline. Ethanol is hygroscopic; it can’t be piped, pricey tanker trucks must ship it. It’s an inefficient additive that’s hard on engines and gas tanks. Refiners have avoided exceeding the current 10 percent blend (E10) by buying ethanol credits, but that raises gas prices, and credits are becoming scarce. If refiners are forced to pump E15, older cars will suffer lower mileage, less power, and ruined engines in short order.

Thanks to Obama’s war on prosperity, the economy has lost 9 million jobs; millions more are involuntarily working part-time or lower paying jobs. Combined with a weaker economy that ships fewer goods, total driving miles have dropped sharply, so a VMT tax would have to be very stiff. Why should Nevada drivers have big brother as an unwanted hitchhiker? Roads are a government monopoly — like police and fire services — and should be a budget priority. Cut something else, governor.

Lynn Muzzy


Hats off to truckers; they are true heroes

To all you truckers out there, you have the right of way.

You are the one who delivers the food and supplies we all need to live.

You drive through the night and day.

You drive through all elements of weather and road conditions.

You endure a lot of stress and pressure.

Never mind the little cars and cops, you are the big wheels of the road.

I admire the big trucks on the road. I love to see a convoy.

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful trucks, new and old.

No matter how big or small you are, you must tie down those flatbed loads and maybe tarp them.

You must keep your log books up.

You are my heroes. God bless you, truckers.

Written in memory of my father, Dow G. Lazenby.

Deborah G. Lazenby

Carson City


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