Letters to the editor for Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013

Critical thinkers see world beyond just black and white

Conservatives are always rational, clear, logical thinkers who never let their emotions get in the way. Liberals are always irrational, confused, dysfunctional thinkers who always are driven by their emotions. Conservatives always have good motives. Liberals always have bad motives, or ones they are either not aware of or subliminally can’t accept about themselves, which primarily focus on undermining the Constitution and the Supreme Court and transferring wealth and class equalization. So sayeth Dan Mooney, who used to be a liberal until he grew up and became a conservative, which not only makes him right about everything but also a psychological genius.

I bet that he classifies as a liberal anyone who disagrees with him on any subject, not because they have a different opinion but because their thought process is inferior to his. Careful, from reading Chuck Muth, I understand that even those who consider themselves conservatives may not be conservative enough, so that makes them liberals.

Mooney’s prime example of dysfunctional liberal thinking is wanting to have background checks on all law-abiding citizens who want to own guns. Out of curiosity, how do gun dealers know if their customer is law-abiding, or mentally competent for that matter, in the absence of a background check?

I find that the older I get and the more I learn, the more I appreciate how complex the world is and the less certain I am about most things. Living in a black and white world is easy. It doesn’t require any critical thinking.

Carl Meier


Illegal fugitives treated better than those from this country

Why is it that when American citizens are fugitives from justice they get arrested? If you’re here illegally, a possible terrorist, run drugs, can’t speak English and pretty much a fugitive from justice, the State of Nevada will now harbor you and reward you by giving you a license to drive and a card to get welfare. American citizens would either go to jail or their families go hungry or both.

Why isn’t the governor and our not-so-smart state lawmakers arrested and charged for blatantly breaking federal laws for harboring federal fugitives that are threats to law abiding citizens and national security? Oh, wait a minute, a few states have tried to enforce the laws already and were sued by the federal government for trying to keep America safe.

The rich already own the government and tell it what to do and are trying to turn this once-great nation into a third world country. Then they will have it the way they want it and run roughshod over anyone that tries to speak up. They are getting the people now dumbed down with the way schooling is. I’m wondering what they teach in history classes today. I would hate to think it’s not what we were taught about oppression and tyranny. As long as the rich can keep the American people divided and squabbling about all the things that should be taken care by the government a long time ago, they will be able to and get away with whatever they want.

Ken DeHart

Virginia City


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