Residents foot bill for street maintenance

Some Carson City residents are having street-maintenance work done “on their own dime” because city government can’t keep up with needs, Supervisor John McKenna said Wednesday.

McKenna, the chairman of the city’s Regional Transportation Commission, made the disclosure during an RTC member comment period at the commission’s meeting. He said the people involved didn’t want their identities disclosed, then noted funding of the work by private parties was reflective of difficult economic times for city government.

“We do the best we can with the money we have,” McKenna said. A brief discussion ensued in which he and Transportation Manager Patrick Pittenger agreed any work done should conform to city needs. Pittenger also agreed city staffers would help people with questions on what is appropriate.

“We don’t want anyone doing any ‘vigilante’ work,” said the transportation manager.

The RTC also heard testimony from Sarah Mannee, who lives in Frost Yasmer Estates at 1009 E. Fifth St. and is seeking a bus stop near there. Mannee, who is in a wheelchair, said she and other disabled people living there can’t get to a bus stop farther away to ride on the regular system rather than JAC Assist, which costs twice as much. An assessment is under way on prospective route and stop changes, Pittenger said.

The commission approved extension of a JAC bus system advertising contract with the Nevada Appeal/Swift Communications through 2014, authorized a final payment of $91,783 to Rapid Construction Inc., the last of the $3 million freeway landscape project, and took action to get $22,847 in reimbursement from the Nevada Department of Transportation for city work on NDOT right-of-way.

A plaque was presented to Charles DesJardins, an RTC member for 13 years and a member of the Carson Area Metropolitan Organization since its inception. DesJardins was participating in his final RTC meeting. The CAMPO unit, which handles transportation issues around Carson City with adjacent jurisdictions, had earlier been scheduled to meet Wednesday as well, but that session was canceled.


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