Letters to the editor for Saturday, Dec. 7, 2013

Quail Run residents can use Saliman exit

In response to Mr. Jenkins’ letter, Interstate 580 has been expedited as quickly as it can. If there is a problem entering Fairview Street for the people living in Quail Run, they can use the exit on Saliman Road which has lighter traffic. The people living in Quail Run can turn right on Saliman and enter Fairview at the traffic light without any danger or problems.

Walt Ratchford

Carson City

Full-scale mining not OK for Silver City now

As reported in the Appeal over the past two years, Comstock Mining Inc. is digging a controversial open pit in Gold Hill in Storey County. Now the residents of nearby Silver City are fighting the mining company’s latest proposal to make changes to Lyon County’s zoning and master plan that would endanger the town’s safety, welfare, and quality of life.

Basically, Comstock Mining Inc. is threatening to bulldoze a section of this quiet, rustic town while telling residents that it will be for their own good. Silver City citizens aren’t buying it. The changes would introduce a heavy industrial atmosphere to this residential community south of Virginia City.

A new open pit inside the town limits would face the homes of many residents and cause noise, dust, and damage to Silver City’s historic character. Residents fear their home values would fall. In fact, the townspeople would be sandwiched between two huge open pits.

Since 2011, Comstock Mining has scooped untold tons of dirt and rock from the Lucerne Pit in Storey County, and Silver City residents have endured the dust and noise created by haul trucks and blasting.

I lived in Silver City for 20 years, and I would hate to see Comstock Mining Inc. muscle its way into my old town. When the Lyon County Planning Commission considers this matter on Dec. 10, I hope the planning commissioners will agree that full-scale mining is not appropriate in today’s Silver City.

David Moore



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