Letters to the editor for Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013

Article about Reagan didn’t tell whole story

The Dec. 6 Kelly Jones opinion article was a good reading ... as far as it went.

The first high-risk banking deregulation act, the Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act of 1980, was passed by a Democratic Congress prior to the iconic president’s election. The second, the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982, was passed in July 1982. The July 1981 to November 1982 recession really began in January 1981 with the first to six consecutive monthly economic declines before recessions are called. The iconic president took office in January 1981. The 1980 recession was January to July 1980. One month of economic growth halts a recession.

Unfortunately, the financial industry was left to its own moral guidance until 2008, when their also fraudulent ways came crashing down. The 1999 attempt to alter this moral compass was too little too late. Will the more recent financial laws curb the industry’s self-serving moral compass? Should the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 be recalled?

As for the iconic president’s statement “deficits don’t matter,” I suspect that was taken out of context. In order to control the 1980 13.5 percent inflation rate, the Fed created a recession which eventually pushed a 1980 7.5 percent unemployment rate to 10.8 percent by December 1982. However, a combination of deficit spending to produce jobs and lower interest rates led to an improved economy by the 1984 election. Unemployment was lowered to 7.2 percent and inflation to a stable 3.2 percent.

Statistics are from the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Ron Wood


Yoga good for seniors, but don’t use a video

While I am always pleased to find Sam Bauman encouraging Carson City’s seniors to stay active, I must comment on his recent column extolling the benefits of yoga and meditation.

As a professional yoga instructor with over 20 years of experience, I agree that seniors can benefit greatly from these practices. However, I would caution people new to the practice of Hatha yoga to not use a video as their primary source of instruction. Hatha yoga is a challenging physical discipline and if performed improperly, can cause injury.

A skilled yoga instructor can determine a person’s physical condition and then adjust the practice and postures to fit a student’s needs. People interested in starting a yoga or meditation practice should attend a beginning class with a teacher who is experienced, attentive, and engaging.

Angela Sullivan

Carson City

Water department’s work merits praise

I want to thank the Carson City water department for the immediate response to my call at 8 a.m. about water running out of my yard, in and around the meter, frozen on sidewalk and street. A neighbor noticed it and let me know. Servicemen came, pumped it out, then had to work in below freezing weather digging through decorative rock, snow, ice and mud many feet deep. They replaced the meter and connections — nearly 4 hours of work. Servicemen who were extremely conscientious explained what needed to be done. All the department should be commended, a 46-year resident of Carson City.

Shirley LaBadie

Carson City

Close Fairview Drive interchange for now

Regarding the quagmire situation on Fairview Drive speedway, I would like to add my two cents. First of all, the problem is not restricted to Quail Run, but it also includes a very popular fitness gym, a charter high school, and of course the Lowe’s shopping center.

Incidently, the max speed posted at Lowe’s is 25 mph (what a joke). The simple solution to the problem is to close the Fairview Drive interchange pending completion of the freeway to Highway 50 West. Initiate the starting and ending of the existing freeway at Highway 50 East. Traffic would then proceed to Carson Street.

I do believe that merchants would welcome back motorists with open arms. As in the past, drivers would stop for a bite to eat, refuel, or stay overnight at one of the many motels on Carson Street. It is a win-win situation for everyone, with the exception of NDOT who caused this mess without ever thinking of the cross traffic along Fairview Drive.

J.R. Assante

Carson City

Reid proving to be as big a liar as Obama

Sen. Reid must go now. In the Nevada Appeal on Dec. 6, Sen. Reid said the GOP forced the rule change. Another Reid whopper. He changed the rule to help himself because he thinks he’s king. Half the time he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. A good example is the explosion at Hawthorne Army Depot. He said it was caused by the sequestration cuts the next day when the military found out it was a procedure error.

Reid has not passed a budget in four years. He won’t let anything come to a vote he doesn’t like. If he had, we would not have had a shutdown. He’s getting to be as big a fibber as Obama. He doesn’t care about the USA or Nevada, just himself. Reid has to go. His home town of Searchlight did not vote for him. Doesn’t this tell you something?

Al Wright



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