Letters to the editor for Saturday, Dec. 21, 2013

Drinking and driving can have a hidden price

Tis the Holiday Season in Carson City. Some residents will be traveling in their automobiles with their faithful companions enjoying the holiday spirits a little too much.

Drinking and driving is never a good idea. What happens if you are stopped and arrested for a DUI? Off to jail you must go, but what happens to your faithful companion? Your furry best friend will be boarded and safely in protective custody at Animal Services until your release. You, the owner, will be responsible for fees incurred (besides receiving a bag of coal in your stocking).

The Animal Services code states that any animal impounded as a result of owner’s arrest, hospitalization, protective shelter, death, or possible abandonment shall be kept under protective custody. Animal Services will board such animal for up to 10 days at the owner’s expense. In December 2012, we had five animals in protective custody. Year to date for 2013 is 83.

Many dogs are injured in accidents involving drunk drivers. Please, let’s keep our dogs home and safe during the holidays. Have a designated driver (not your dog) and everyone will have a happier and safer holiday! Adopt your new BFF at animal services today!

Cindy Hannah

Manager of Carson City Animal Services


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