Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2013

DMV cold-hearted after wife’s passing

After 45 years of search, I found and wed my darling little high school sweetheart. She convinced me to move us from Oregon to Nevada.

To my great sorrow, she died this spring. On Dec. 17, I signed for a certified letter to her from Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles stating that they had discovered there were two days in October that her car parked in my driveway, undriven, would have its registration suspended unless I gave them $250.

I visited Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. Essentially they said this: Sign over your Social Security check to us. Welcome to Nevada, and have a merry Christmas.

Barry M. Vaughn


Walmart employees were kind amid a crisis

My 94-year-old mother wanted to do some shopping. I went along with her since I had bronchitis and couldn’t do it myself. I drove her to Walmart on Topsy Lane, and the plan was for me to wait in the car.

When a woman I didn’t know came up to the car and asked, “Are you Sue?” I knew something was terribly wrong. She led me to my mother in the store, explaining that Mom was having difficult time breathing and couldn’t stand up. When we got to her, she was surrounded by several Walmart employees, all of who were doing whatever they could to put her at ease. They told me the paramedics would be there shortly, and they were!

The store manager Jenny was on top of everything. Her concern was so genuine I was really moved. She not only offered to have one of her staff complete Mom’s shopping list if we wanted, but she had them bag the groceries and told me they would take them out to the car when we were ready.

The paramedics were so wonderful to her. Several shoppers helped Mom throughout this ordeal. Our “adventure” ended with the paramedics taking Mom to our car along with those wonderful employees who did bring out our groceries. And the icing on the cake? Jenny called us the next day just to see how Mom was doing!

Our heartfelt thanks go out to each and every one of you who were there for us. How blessed we are to be living in such a wonderful, caring community.

Sue Ewald



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