Letters to the editor for Thursday, June 27, 2013

Critics on both sides, stop pointing fingers

The last few weeks there have been letters lambasting the Republican Party. The writers are so typical of the more Liberal mind think, tearing down those that do not think as they do. They are “disrespectful, frothing, violently gibbering and going down in snarling infamy,” (Sullivan’s words in his June 4 letter regarding Conservatives), yet he appears to be the one those words fit. Just because one does not agree with another’s opinion is no reason to get nasty. Sullivan claims Conservatives have no evidence of problems concerning Benghazi, affordable health care, or IRS investigations, yet he provides no evidence that there is no evidence, as he claims.

Another letter from the ever-lovely Ms. Christy is another example. From her letter, one can presume that only one mind think has the right to apply for exempt status. Does she think Liberal organizations don’t also have political action committees and do not lobby for their cause? It is apparent they have no actual facts on Benghazi, nor realize how dangerous the Internal Revenue Services’ actions have been. Perhaps these people need to read our Bill of Rights.

When it comes to “gangrene of the heart and rotting brains,” (Sullivan’s words) perhaps a good look in the mirror will show where the real problem lies.

Until the Sullivans and Christys of this country and the Republicans, Democrats and media stop pointing fingers and name calling and come together to solve the issues facing this country, nothing will get accomplished, and things will continue status quo.

Carlynann Johnson


Owners shouldn’t let cattle run amok

I am writing for a number of people who live in Stagecoach. We are real tired of range cattle coming over from Mark Twain rearranging our yards. They have eaten all the leaves off my tomato plants and bean plants. Stripping leaves off my white peach tree I have nursed for three years and my apricot bush. Two have containers with flowers in them. They pulled the flower root and all out, ate what they wanted, dropped the rest. Left deep foot prints in my ground.

I am told the only thing I can do is fence in my yard. This seems a little unfair. I have lived in comfort for 20 years in my home. I am 80 years old and have poor health. I cannot afford to fence in my yard, one acre, and not able to sell with the market, stuck in between a rock and hard place.

They would do something if my kids or dog would tear up someone’s yard. It’s not cheap to pay someone to help keep you in your home and pay someone to work in the yard.

Why can’t the owner of the cattle be responsible for their damage? He could put a fence and keep his cattle home or close on his agreement with the Bureau of Land Management.

Louise Perkowski

Silver Springs


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