Nevada Performance Academy gets planners’ blessing; opening date in two months

Precisely two months before it opens downtown, the Nevada Performance Academy won unanimous approval from the Carson City Planning Commission on Wednesday for its site.

The commission approved a special use permit for work on the building at 223 S. Division St., which is close to the Brewery Arts Center, for the new state-sponsored public charter school covering grades 7-12. It allows 24 students and seven staff on site at a time, but there will be more students using community partners and online.

The school begins classes Aug. 26 after much work for not only planning matters, but a host of other preparations to open it downtown.

“This was no easy feat,” said Dr. Eugene Paslov in a statement after the commission action, “but it was essential to our plan that we locate near the Brewery Arts Center in order to provide a seamless interface between our academic and performance programs.”

Paslov, former state superintendent of public instruction, is president of the planned academy’s governing board; David Papke is the school’s executive director.

Darrin Berger, architect with Berger Hannafin Architects, handled the special permit testimony for the applicants and agreed to conditions in the city planning staff report. The report cites the 24 students and seven school staff at any given time, which can be on a rotating basis, plus 11 parking spaces and no student loitering on site.

Berger noted the academy board president and executive director were on hand in the audience.

“They have been working tirelessly on this,” he said.

There will be some interior changes at the 3,000 square foot structure, which looks like a large home but has been downtown offices, as well as to the exterior. The latter must also get a once over from the Historic Resources Commission.

The academy began enrollment May 1, but slots still are available and could include 24 at each grade level for a total of 144 under the blended curricula and instruction plan. Partners include the nearby BAC at 449 W. King St., Western Nevada College at the north end of Carson City, and the city’s library at 900 N. Roop St.

Commissioner Paul Esswein made the planning approval motion, which was seconded by Mark Sattler, who praised the location as great because of its proximity to the BAC.

The academy and BAC plan a Block Party Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to celebrate progress as they prepare for the coming school year.


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