Letters to the editor for Wednesday, May 1

Reid voted with Heller on gun control

Regarding “Heller’s Gun Control Vote Was Unacceptable,” everyone seems to be slamming Dean Heller for the way he voted on the gun control bill. But didn’t “Dirty” Harry Reid vote exactly the same way on that bill? Why isn’t anyone slamming Reid for the way he voted?

Michael Digangi

Carson City

More ideas for downtown Carson

The proposal to reduce Carson Street to single lanes might, might have some merit. But having parallel parking is totally idiotic. Who parks that way with ease anymore? It would become a traffic hazard. You want people downtown? Remove the curb lane; widen the sidewalks to eight feet and put the fences back in. Give people room to walk side-by-side. Look at downtown Truckee or any other walkable community.

Personally, I can’t see what there is downtown that would attract tourists or even locals. Some nice restaurants and a store or two. We need the shops back. Remember Wilbur’s, Sprouse-Reitz, Kitzmeyer-Cochran, the car dealerships and others? Then the malls came and downtown died.

Bob Hilderbrand

Carson City


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