Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2013

Pine-Sol keeps bears away from trash bins

Please make the readers aware of this simple remedy to keep bears out of their trash cans. Pine-Sol cleaner, bears hate the smell. I live on the west side of Carson and have seen and heard about many of my neighbor’s cans being raided. They have left mine alone because of the Pine-Sol I poured into the cans.

I learned this from a private campground near Truckee. They send out notices each fall to remind campers to use the cleanser, and it really works!

Carol Allen

Carson City

Gospel is a comfort in wake of shooting

I am impressed with the speed and depth of the response of the Sparks School District in attempting to meet the emotional needs of the hundreds of students under their care and who are confused and upset by the terrible shooting incident which has scarred their young minds. Professional counselors were on duty at 7:30 a.m. the day following the terror. I heartily approve and compliment the community and leadership which is moving with dispatch in a very proactive manner. When the Episcopal church opened for prayers, it was very moving. However, there is a gap in the information which has been reported with such care.

This is a teachable moment. For those families who look to scripture for answers to all of life’s dilemmas, this is a moment when parents and children — both shaken by this terror — could gather around the family Bible and read together those truths gathered for 2,000 years that can bring true comfort when there is no human answer. Children, and some adults, wonder where are those who are no longer with us? Try Psalm 23 and John’s Gospel 14:1-3.

Monte Fast

Carson City


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