Feldsteins celebrate 40 years of marriage

Phyllis and Ronald Feldstein

Phyllis and Ronald Feldstein

Phyllis and Ronald Feldstein of Carson City are celebrating their 40th anniversary today.

The Feldsteins were married Nov. 10, 1973, in Las Vegas. Their first date was in May 1972 at a Dodgers baseball game at Chavez Ravine in Los Angeles.

Ron is a retired distribution and electrical district foreman for the Simi Valley Water District. He graduated college in 1968 as an electronic technician and later went back to school for water science to get multiple certifications in wastewater, water treatment and water distribution in California and Nevada.

Phyllis graduated from the University of Southern Colorado Nursing School as a psychiatric technician in 1966. She is a retired unit supervisor for the State of California at Camarillo State Hospital.


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