Letters to the editor for Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013

Open eyes to evils done by Democrats

The problem is not just the (un)affordable healthcare plan, but the transformation of America. Youth are not being educated, but indoctrinated. Washington passes bills affecting the people, but the politician is immune. Americans work to buy a home; the government wants to tell the buyer where to buy by passing a bill diversifying neighborhoods. Deceptive activities regarding NSA, NRA, IRS, FEC; Benghazi tragedy caused the murder of four Americans; known terrorists are still at large.

Live time was available to the White House, but no one knew anything! Under committee questioning, Clinton’s infamous words were, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” Obama retired for the night as he had a trip and golf engagement the next day.

Obama promised all Americans could keep health plans and doctors! Tell that story to the millions who have lost their policies. Gen. Ham “retired” in April; Rear Admiral Gaouette relieved of duty; Major Baker relieved of duty for groping a civilian; Brig. Gen. Roberts fired for adultery; Major Gen. Sturdevant fired for failure of proper force protection; Major Gurganus relieved of duty same as above; Vice Admiral Giardina and Major Gen. Carry (both top commanders over the US Nuclear Arsenal) fired within 48 hours of each other.

On Aug. 5, 46 Democratic senators voted to give our Constitutional rights (Second Amendment) over to the United Nations. We came four votes away from giving our rights to the United Nations. Military firings followed by a United Nations vote. Connect the dots, America!

William Lepore Sr.


Wheeler displays sad ignorance of history

Wheeler has become the worst kind of politician. He believes he is only beholden to those who elected him. As an elected official, you represent all the people in your district and the state of Nevada by your vote. You would return us to the most deplorable time in American history.

Let’s go back in time. Place yourself in the bottom of a filthy slave ship. Take a journey of more than three months to an unknown place. Watch in horror as those you know and love are tortured, maimed and killed. Leave your family behind never to see them again, your life cut short by 20 years if you survive. Your remarks indicate your total lack of human compassion. It is appalling you would even think of such a thing when so many more pressing issues should be on your agenda.

Mr. Wheeler, you declare that you are not a bigot. Bigotry surfaces when there is a lack of discretion in remarks directed at someone who does not look like you. It is subtle and insidious when the person appears to be your friend and then makes off-color jokes behind your back. In this case, Twitter and online postings allowed us to view you at your best.

Douglas County is a beautiful community. I have been here for 14 years. I love the valley and the people who live here. As a taxpayer, I want only the best in political representation. Your political style falls short of that desire.

Jo Etta Brown



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