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The Dance of the Reed Flutes.

The Dance of the Reed Flutes.

Pinkerton Ballet Theatre is celebrating its 25th anniversary of “The Nutcracker” ballet with a live music performed by the Reno Pops Orchestra.

“We wanted to celebrate our 25th year by enhancing our production,” said Molly Walt, president of Pinkerton’s board. “Every year, we look at how we can make the production better.”

Artistic director Ayako Britt co-founded the production, which has become the longest-running Nutcracker production in Nevada.

“We were really surprised by the response we got that first year,” she said. “We did really well, and so we decided to do it the next year.”

The ballet, which follows a little girl through a Christmas dream in which the Nutcracker comes to life, will open Friday and run through Dec. 1 at the Carson City Community Center. Tickets are $22 for general admission and $18 for seniors and students.

The performance involves both professionals and area dancers.

Hannah Kiser, 11, has danced in the show for several years.

“It’s really fun,” she said. “It’s just fun to learn all of the dances and meet all of the people who are in it.”

Chloe Walt, 12, also is a veteran of the ballet.

“I like the choreography,” she said. “The Spanish dance is my favorite. It has attitude.”

“The Nutcracker” ballet is based on the book “The Nutcracker and the King of Mice,” written by E.T.A. Hoffman. It tells the story of Clara, a girl who falls asleep after a Christmas party and has fantastic dreams. The ballet follows her as she travels the world in her slumber.

One of the favorite numbers, Britt said, is the Russian dancers. Usually, two professional dancers perform; five will do so this year.

“They’re show-stoppers every year,” Britt said. “They should just bring the house down, I’m sure.”

As is tradition, Mother Gigogne is played by male community leaders. Sheriff Ken Furlong and Assessor Dave Dawley will resume the role.

The production also is known for its professional quality, hosting auditions in early June and working for months on choreography.

“It’s a classic story,” Britt said. “It’s a traditional Christmas event.”


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