Letters to the editor for Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013

Stand with tea party against Obamacare

I have come to the conclusion that the only difference between the Weasels (Democrats) and the Wimps (Republicans) is that the Weasels will get us to the bottom faster. The only group to stand up against Obamcare is the Tea Party, which is being demonized by both parties. The public opposition of Obamacare is now 70 percent, yet the Wimps have done nothing of substance to slow it down.

Has anyone out there noticed all of the Obamacare waivers given by the administration along political lines — to unions, political staff, Congress and to any other group who donated or supported the reelection of our “redline president?”

The American public is being played like Putin played Obama. Obamacare will have a catastrophic effect on our economy. We are already seeing how employers are coping by reducing full-time jobs. Insurance rates are going up. This thing reminds me of LBJ’s War on Poverty. That program morphed into 47 different programs, cost over $10 trillion and the poverty level is higher today than in 1965. We must stop Obamacare.

Steven J. McGrath

Carson City

Real people at library replaced by computers

Once upon a time, going to the library was special because someone there was willing to assist a customer if they had a problem. But now that it has turned mostly automated, personal service means nothing and common courtesy is just a thing of the past.

First it was the checkout counter and then three scanners were added. Then it was the return drop box, and two more scanners were added. Now it’s the reference section, but no one is there to help anyone because they’ve been replaced by three computers. Just who are all these connivances really for, the customers or librarians?

Maybe some people don’t care for scanners, but as for computers, not everyone knows how to use them and the librarians don’t have the time to show someone either. Personally, I don’t rightly care, but these efforts to make things simpler for the many have only complicated matters for the few who don’t understand them. Eventually, everything will be so simplified, only volunteers will be needed. The once-paid shushing librarian will be an unnecessary expense and replaced by one of those newfangled machines they’re so overly fond of.

In my opinion, if being a modernized library is really that important, then maybe it should be arranged so everyone can get their books and movies online. This new automated service is only working the old-fashioned librarian right out of a job. They’ll no longer be needed after everything has been made simpler and much easier for everyone else.

Donald Paetz

Carson City


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