Three of 4 enter pleas in murder of McCune

Makyla Blackmore

Makyla Blackmore

Three of the four people accused of murdering Nevada Chief Insurance Examiner William McCune have entered plea agreements.

Makyla Blackmore, 20, Anthony Elliott, 20, Raul Garcia, 22, and Michael Evans, 23, were originally all charged with the open murder of McCune, 62, of Carson City.

Now only Garcia remains undecided in the case. He was scheduled for a hearing Thursday, but it was continued, with his lawyer requesting more time to review the discovery evidence with his client before deciding to go to trial or also take a plea bargain.

District Attorney Neil Rombardo could have sought the death penalty if the four had all gone to trial — one factor in the decision by Blackmore, Elliott and Evans to enter pleas. In return for lesser sentences, Blackmore and Evans have agreed to testify against Garcia if he goes to trial. Elliott did not agree to testify.

Elliott agreed to plead guilty to first-degree murder during the commission of a robbery. While he could get life in prison without parole, the deal gives him the chance for parole after a minimum 20 years.

Evans agreed to plead to second-degree murder, which carries a potential sentence of life in prison with possible parole after 10 years.

Blackmore, who wasn’t in the apartment when McCune was beaten to death, got the best deal. She will plead guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery and robbery, both category B felonies, and possession of a credit card without consent of the cardholder.

The conspiracy count carries up to six years in prison, and the robbery count carries a maximum of 15 years. The credit card count is a less serious charge.

The final sentences for all are up to the judge, despite the plea bargains.

According to court records, Evans told detectives they beat McCune and demanded his debit card number April 2. According to the records, they took some of McCune’s belongings and left, but returned the next day to clean up the evidence. The file states that Evans told investigators they then dumped McCune’s body in the Carson River, wrapped in a blanket.


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