Watching boys soccer these days is no fun

I’m fed up. Between poor officiating, awful player behavior and crappy conduct by Carson High soccer fans, I’m not enjoying attending boys soccer matches much these days.

For the second straight game, the Senators played one player short in the second half because of a red card. Against Galena last weekend, defender Carlos Alvarado was ejected, and on Wednesday, Cristian Hernandez was ejected for picking up two yellow cards. In both instances, both CHS players made things worse by mouthing off. It’s been a common theme the past two or three years with CHS players, and I know it’s not something that the coaching staff condones. Alvarado has since left the team and Hernandez missed Friday’s game against Bishop Manogue.

Both of Reed’s coaches received red cards, one late in the game and the other after the game. Their conduct during the game was ridiculous. The coach that got tossed late in the game never left the premises like he should have. If I’m the official, I stop the clock until he’s out of the complex, or I get the CHS administrator to escort the guy out. If he doesn’t get a multiple-match suspension, then the NIAA is at fault.

Also, Carson players need to realize that poor calls are going to happen during the course of the game, and you have to live with it. Getting tossed out doesn’t help your team, and the kids need to realize that they are hurting their own teammates. Give kids an inch on the field and they will try to take five miles. They are only human, and will do whatever they can to gain an advantage. Everybody pushes and shoves during the course of the match. What soccer players don’t realize is that in football there is holding somewhere on every play, but you don’t see football players whining. Soccer players need to let their play do the talking; keep their mouths and tempers in check.

Just play the game boys.

There are a few good officials out there, but many are on ego trips and have thin skin. Good officials like Grant Fleming will talk to the coaches and players during the course of the game. A good center official has to take charge from the opening whistle, and on Wednesday that didn’t happen. Control the game from the outset and you have fewer problems. Trying to control the game after it has already gotten out of hand only makes things worse. Poor center officiating is often the cause of a plethora of yellow cards which was the case on Wednesday, in my opinion.

For the second straight game, coach Mehdi Samii had to tell the crowd to knock off their comments directed to the center official. A coach shouldn’t have to do that ever. Deputies were called out to the Galena game, and they would have been helpful on Wednesday.

Hey, I have a great idea, lock fans out. I think the problems would go down a great deal. I think some of Carson’s players listen way too much on what’s being said from the stands. I’ll say this to parents: If you think you can do a better job, then go through the training and become an official. Otherwise keep your mouth closed. Parents need to support the team, and you don’t have to scream at officials to do that.

I’m saying this for all sports and to all fans.


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