Letters to the editor for Friday, Oct. 25, 2013

Some in GOP aren’t serving our interests

I think we need to ask our congressmen and senators if they represent the people. The Republicans have the “Hastert Rule” which says they will go against any bill which has a majority of Democrats voting for it, regardless of what the bill is. They are voting for the party and not for us. Kind of mindless. We also have Tea Partiers signing pledges to billionaires to not raise taxes. Who runs the government, billionaires or the people’s representatives?

When sworn into office, our legislators swear an oath to defend the Constitution and then they give their allegiance to billionaires or to their party. This results in what George Washington detested, government by party and faction, regardless of what is good overall for America. I would hope that these guys would use their head and their conscience instead.

It’s OK to support the people of Missouri or Alabama, but don’t forget the rest of America. Vote for what makes America strong and provides a better life for all Americans. Our soldiers didn’t fight for a red or a blue state, they fought for America. Should we ask any less from our legislators?

Ronald H. Adams


Vote by Heller, Amodei imperiled our nation

I found the article in the Appeal about Heller and Amodei interesting. I found out that these were the only two in our congressional delegation to have voted no on the measure to end the government shutdown and to raise the debt ceiling. If these two had their way, the U.S. government would have defaulted on all its loan obligations on Friday, Oct. 18. The immediate reaction would have been the U.S. losing its AAA debt rating. According to US News & World Report, it cost the U.S. government $220 billion in 2012 to pay the interest on our debt. If we had defaulted and lost our AAA rating, that cost would have skyrocketed. Is this what they really wanted? I don’t think this is what the people of Carson City and Nevada wanted.

Who are these two men representing? I think the only people that these two men listen to are the Tea Party and the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. Here in the U.S., we are supposed to have a representative government. That is exactly what we have, but these two men represent organizations instead of the people who elected them.

Amodei wants to think of himself as Tea Partier and an Obamacare slayer. I am a Republican and question the long-term effect of Obamacare, but I don’t want to commit financial suicide trying to stop it. I hope the Heritage Foundation votes for Amodei in 2014. I won’t.

Rion Causey

Carson City


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