Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013

Nevada should secede from our ailing union

Our government is broke! They have been in the red for 50 years! Teddy Roosevelt ought to come back from the dead, shake his fist and stomp on Congress!

Our senators are still getting paid $250,000 per year and expenses — over a hundred senators, with expense accounts and limos and free Washington Heights apartments at $5,000 per month! Figure that each senator receives over $2.5 million per year. Our assemblymen and women are in poverty by comparison — they only receive $2.2 million per year. Figure that out — 320 assemblymen and women at $2.2 million per year. Over a hundred senators with limos, free apartments, security, maid service, Cartier watches — $500,000 per year, per senator! They are dweebs, blood-sucking, money-sucking leeches!

Our country is broke both financially and morally! Our senators are nothing more than cheap thieves! Do it on paper and no one will notice! Our legislators are bogus, cheap thieves! We are paying for their debauchery! Rome had the same problem. Do not reelect anyone! Call for a recount! Something is wrong ... very wrong! We have been lied to and cheated, ripped off and used and abused! Get rid of all of the government! Start over! Our legislators are crooks and thieves; they do it with a pen instead of a gun! Dissolve the entire federal government! Start over! I think Nevada ought to secede from the union!

Ross Jensen

Carson City

heg heg

After a week of reading about the computer glitches in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) software, why has no one mentioned the obvious: the ACA is being hacked, and there has been a security breach?

There are millions of Tea Partiers who hate Obamacare (for what reason I don’t know). There are millions in the Republican base who don’t like President Obama, and there are millions who want to see Obama fail. After how these people have tried to hamper the president for the past five years, is it too far-fetched to think they would not try to hack and create chaos in President Obama’s most significant accomplishment so far? Nothing is beneath these people who have been trying to destroy the Obama presidency.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City, Calif.

heg heg

I’m concerned that Assemblyman Randy Kirner is misleading us about the facts. In his letter to the editor on Sept. 21, he states that he voted to send AB46 to the people. That is false.

He spearheaded AB46 to give taxing authority to the Washoe County Commission, even though the Nevada Constitution provides two ways in which to raise taxes: Either the Legislature approves by a two-thirds majority vote in both houses, or the voters approve a ballot measure. Neither of these was done in this instance.

The 2007 Legislature approved a ballot measure for the 2008 general election to raise capital improvement funds for our public schools. It was defeated by the voters. The people spoke, but Kirner was not listening. If he truly cared about the people, he would have voted to send the tax question directly to the voters for approval.

Delegation of the Legislature’s duty to make the law to a five-member commission is an end run around the Nevada Constitution. It is “passing the buck.” It is disrespecting the wisdom of the voters.

We deserve a legislator who will keep their promise to represent you in Carson City. Nevadans can’t afford more taxes. Together we can change this. I’m running for Assembly District 26 because I care about you and want to create a brighter future for Nevada.

Lisa Krasner

Candidate for Assembly, District 26


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