Letters to the editor for Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bundy comments are Heller’s latest questionable decision

Nevada Sen. Dean Heller seems to have gone over the edge in supporting Cliven Bundy in Southern Nevada. Dean Heller even called Bundy a patriot.

Heller’s words inflamed a very tense situation, which could have easily become violent. It concerns me that Sen. Heller did not immediately see the danger of this standoff, nor stand up for the rule of law. Dean Heller also made a bad decision in voting to shut down the government several months ago. He will not get my vote.

Dianne Williams

Carson City

Wheeler’s opponent can’t claim to be a GOP leader

Some questions for supporters of District 39 Assemblyman Jim Wheeler’s campaign opponent. How can your candidate claim to be a “Republican leader?” She hasn’t been active in the Republican Party in years. Her party affiliations all begin with “past.” The Assemblyman is a party executive and a county and state delegate. Maybe that’s why the Republican Party officially endorsed Wheeler instead of your candidate.

Speaking of “past,” what happened to the campaign’s dashboard saint, former Nevada first lady Dema Guinn, leader of “Republicans for Reid?” Did the campaign scrub Guinn’s endorsement because helping re-elect Reid made her politically inconvenient?

Your candidate claims to be a conservative, but she refuses to sign the taxpayer protection pledge and criticizes Wheeler for not passing any laws. Question: How many more laws do Republican voters want?

Wheeler is the NPRI and Citizen’s Outreach number one rated conservative legislator in Northern Nevada and “A” rated by the NRA and Nevada Firearms coalition after just one term in office.

I just got two very slick, expensive four-color mailers two days in a row from your candidate’s full-time campaign office. Pretty spendy to chase a job that pays under $8,000 per session. Where is all the money coming from?

Lynn Muzzy



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