Project may slow Saliman traffic this fall

Some traffic slowing on Saliman Road near Carson High School and in Mills Park may occur this autumn because of more than $2 million worth of water transmission main project work during the coming school year.

Carson City’s Board of Supervisors approved the contract for just more than $2 million, with a contingency amount not to exceed $203,000 should it be necessary, for the E-W Water transmission main project. It was delayed because the bidding process had to be put out for the rebid. The pact is with Sierra Nevada Construction.

Public Works Director Darren Schulz said Thursday as the board action was taken that precautions would help mitigate traffic troubles, but indicated that likely will reduce lanes at some point, and said the required rebid meant the project couldn’t be started before the school year. Work calls for the project to run from Saliman through the park and between the Carson City Community Center and the Carson Aquatic Facility at the west end of the park, just off Roop Street. The project is being financed from the water fund’s capital projects/construction accounts.

The board in addition approved almost $900,000 for software license agreement enhancements from the 911 emergency surcharge fund’s Tiburon Project account. Tiburon is the vendor with whom city government has the agreement for services. The city originally approved using Tiburon in the year 2000.

The board determined in another action that RADCO Communication LLC is the lowest responsible bidder and awarded the contract to that firm in another rebid pact.

The base bid was almost $272,300 and the contingency amount cannot exceed $26,000 for a communications site project, which consists of a city furnished pre-fabricated communications shelter and a propane standby generator.

City government also will purchase a replacement Caterpillar excavator for almost $96,500 and a Caterpillar 550 KW diesel generator for more than $141,000, the latter for use at the Quill Surface Water Treatment plant.


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