Letters to the editor for Sunday, Dec. 7, 2014

‘A Giving Thanksgiving’

By Grant H. Wass

Looming clouds seem to hide a feast

A line of people snaking along the stairs

Eyes looking happy with smiles they bare

No sight or fearing gluttonous beasts

Friendly voices mingling all around

Sharing stories with people who are new

These moments that are remembered are so few

Different paths where kindness is found

The political machine came to lend a hand

Wearing their aprons and smiles

Handing out food in their own style

An experience with a touch of grand

You see the smiles and gratitude with laughter

Harmony and peace is what they found

Everywhere you looked, it’s all around

It’s all they wanted, it’s what they were after

Togetherness happened, down came the fence

Judging was left at the door

A witness to things never seen before

Now this world makes a little more sense

Grant H. Wass

Carson City

Catmandu helped save cats

A few months ago, my neighbor found four kittens in her backyard. They were skin and bones and very frightened, so she did what most of us would do — she began feeding them. When I got involved, they had filled out considerably, and two of them had started warming up to humans. Unfortunately, my neighbor is allergic to cats, and my home was full-up with three dogs.

We began contacting rescue groups and shelters, but every organization we contacted was already overwhelmed with cats. This was a learning experience for me, as I was not aware that Carson City had such a stray and feral cat population.

Finally we found a home for two of the kittens; but two were still homeless, growing, and venturing out in the field where we often spot a family of coyotes.

That’s when Catmandu came to our rescue! It took little “Guy” and mostly-wild “Toni,” worked its magic, and now they are happy, adoptable young cats. They are safe and warm in a cage-free environment with lots of other cats to play with, awaiting their forever home.

I am so thankful to Catmandu for helping us, for its service to our community, and for all it does for the cats in its care. Most of all, may I kindly suggest that if you are a pet owner, please be responsible and spay/neuter your animal(s).

I hope people will visit Catmandu if considering adopting a cat. For details regarding Catmandu, go to www.catmanducc.org.

Vivian Spiker

Carson City

Thank you for election to office of Secretary of State

With the election now behind us, I would like to thank all of your readers who voted for me and shared my vision for the future of Nevada.

It will be an honor and privilege to serve as Nevada’s next Secretary of State, and I re-affirm the pledges made during the campaign. I am committed to making Nevada the premier state in which to do business, bringing more businesses and jobs to our state, and upholding the integrity of the electoral system and the enforcement of our election laws.

My commitment to represent all Nevadans and my open-door policy will welcome all constructive suggestions, as promised during the campaign. During the next four years, it is my goal to earn the confidence of all Nevada citizens.

I would like to thank Ross Miller for his service to our state, and extend my gratitude for his cooperation during the transition period and that of his staff.

I have always believed in the tremendous spirit and character of Nevadans and look forward to working together in our united purpose of making the great State of Nevada an even better place to live and work.

Season’s greetings to all of your readers.


Barbara Cegavske

Secretary of State elect


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