Swearing in, 2015 Carson City board kickoff Monday

Two supervisors, along with other local elected officials, will be sworn in Monday morning at the Carson City Courthouse.

Supervisor Karen Abowd, reelected to a second term, and Lori Bagwell, elected to her first term, will be among those sworn in during ceremonies beginning at 10 a.m. in the newest third floor courtroom. That same afternoon, the board beginning at 1:30 p.m. will hold its first meeting of 2015 in the Sierra Room at the Community Center. The Courthouse is at 885 E. Musser St.; the center is at 851 E. William St.

Among organizational tasks during the first meeting will be assignments for board members’ committee work and organizing as the city Redevelopment Authority. The authority is made up of the same membership as the city’s governing board, but chooses a chairman and vice chairman for times when it adjourns as the board and takes up redevelopment work.

Mayor Robert Crowell said Tuesday he intends to suggest Abowd remain in her roles as mayor pro tem on the board, handling the gavel if he’s absent, and as chairperson of the authority. He also said in the past there hasn’t been controversy in divvying up board members’ committee work with members usually agreeing on what they want, but if any slots are contended they will be handled when that comes up.

Also on the first meeting agenda is a resolution regarding city policy on state legislative issues that impact the consolidated municipality during the 2015 Nevada Legislature, which starts in early February. The resolution includes language assigning coordination of advocacy activities to City Manager Nick Marano, outlines lobbying by personnel, including the city’s contract lobbyist, and sets boundaries.

It says an individual board member’s minority position “shall not be communicated to a legislator or any legislative committee in any form of unsolicited lobby regarding matters relevant to the city.” However, it allows an individual board member to respond to any legislator’s or legislative committee’s question if the response is “expressly limited” to that board member’s opinion.

Also on the Monday agenda is an item seeking board acceptance of a Parks and Recreation Commission recommendation a 100-acre site west of Flint Drive and Rifle Range Road be where a disc golf course complex goes.


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