Irony and Idiocy

There was a research ship stranded by ice in Antarctica. Unless you read the Drudge Report, listen to Fox News, or rely on British news sources where apparently the news media really reports the news, you would not know that the ship was full of global warming researchers. The crew was rescued but apparently the ship is still icebound.

The East and Midwest are having a bout of rough weather. pparently most modern newscasters have spent very little time outdoors, because 6 inches of snow is too much for New York City to open schools. Two feet of snow in northern Maine is apparently cause for a national disaster, as are below zero temperatures. After all, this is the worst weather since the ancient 1980’s.

Continuing on the weather front, Obama stated on Nov. 1, 2013, while signing yet another climate change executive order that “excessively high temperatures” are “already” harming public health nationwide. O’Hare International Airport this week broke its record low set in 1894. Is the “Messiah’s” crystal ball broken?

If you break the law, that is no longer a roadblock to getting a license to practice it. An illegal alien applied for and was awarded a law license in California.

On another law issue, President Obama is now breaking the law on a regular basis to try and salvage Obamacare. He regularly comes up with “administrative changes” to the law that really require approval of Congress because it substantially changes the provisions of the bill. Congress won’t do anything because their exemption falls in that category.

In Illinois, after a federal judge struck down Chicago’s gun sale bans, applications for concealed carry permits are far exceeding Obamacare applicants. Illinois expects about 350,000 applications or about 1,000 applications per day. Maybe HHS should offer a free gun with each Obamacare enrollment.

NSA spying on U.S. citizens is supported by most of Congress. Ironically, they are suddenly concerned that NSA is spying on them. NSA says that Congress has the same rights to privacy as the rest of the citizens. In other words, take that, Congress.

The Robertsons of Duck Dynasty fame now have a line of weapons with Mossberg. Nine shotguns, two auto-loading rim-fire rifles (with large capacity magazine) and two semi-auto handguns. Sign me up for one or two. The line is under the Duck Commander name, not Duck Dynasty. Gee, I wonder why?

Washington D.C. and its suburbs have been a hotbed of gun control efforts, restricting ownership at every turn and touting that guns have no useful purpose. Government sharpshooters descended on Maryland’s Rock Creek Park to bring the deer population into line with what the area will support. It was reported that the deer population was four times what the habitat would support. I am anxiously awaiting their arrival here to control feral horses the same way.

President Obama recently chastised the GOP for not extending unemployment benefits before recessing for the holidays. This was brought to you from sunny Hawaii where the president was vacationing on several million taxpayer dollars. Isn’t Harry Reid a Democrat?

By the way, I graciously gave Michelle Obama an extra few days in Hawaii for her birthday. Oh, wait, that was just the president spending my tax dollars. There is no better example of socialistic hypocrisy.

Once again, “right wing extremist” conservatives prove to be classier than the “tolerant” left wing liberals. In this case, Gov. Mitt Romney graciously accepted an apology from MSNBC host (hostess?) Melissa Harris-Perry. The issue was Ms. Perry’s tasteless and vile comments about Romney’s newly adopted African-American grandchild. Alec Baldwin asked if he cried, would he also be forgiven? Pure class, that liberal is.

In Nevada, noncitizens can obtain driver privilege cards (aka drivers licenses). It is reported that there is a 75 percent failure rate for those taking the driver privilege card exam. I wonder how many of these people were driving before this test? Remember, you don’t need vehicle insurance to get an operator’s license. Does voting come to mind?

Happy New Year! The U.S. government issued 141 new regulations in the first three days of 2014. On a lighter note, they ended 2013 with a one-day borrowing of $1,088 per household. Maybe the one-day borrowing was needed to implement the new laws.

Seriously, these things are too easy to come up with. All of this occurred since my last writing. I could make a career of pointing out stupidity, but I would have to move to Washington, D.C.

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