Letters to the editor for Saturday, Jan. 11, 2014

Were commissioners thinking about residents?

The Lyon County Commission broke all precedent by ignoring its Planning Commission’s recommendation to deny the CMI Master Plan Amendment and Zoning change requests. Instead, the commissioners voted to impose a “compromise” made between CMI and Commissioner Vida Keller to reduce the size of the acreage affected.

Unfortunately, Silver City was not invited to participate in making this compromise and so gets nothing from it except the intimation of doom. The door was opened for CMI to pit mine in and adjacent to the town. Even if CMI fails, it can still be pit mined by someone else at some future time.

Every property in and adjacent to town was suddenly made less valuable. That’s a high price for the people of Silver City to pay for a “compromise” that doesn’t include them.

David Toll

Gold Hill

Officials should respond to constituents

Now that we are gearing up for the next election cycle, it is very disappointing that our officials, federal, state, and local have great expectations for donations and volunteers for their election in November. But, most of them seeking support have poor manners when it comes to returning phone calls, emails, or letters. This is an arrogant elitist attitude that makes one wonder if they ever hear the concerns, needs, or suggestions of their constituents.

Consider the waste, fraud, scandals, and far less than straight information that We the People receive via newspapers, newscasts, and informative meetings. Apparently we are regarded today as We the Peons by the very people who are paid with our tax dollars. We have been duped by deceptive dazzle far too often. It must stop!

If you are one of our elected officials or a candidate who practices the virtues of statesmanship, you will get my vote. Do any of those in office respect their constituents enough to respond to their calls, letters, or email? I think it is unconscionable that the principles of the highest form of public service have been diminished to an extravagant gravy train for career bureaucrats who only serve special interests. It’s not all about money or power. Let’s all get involved and change that.

Ann Bednarski

Carson City


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