Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014

Pope Francis proves popular with atheists for comments

Social Darwinism used to be largely involved with mass exploitation of Earth’s resources, and now many followers of evolution have abandoned such endeavors for replacement pursuits of saving the earth, animals, and indigenous cultures. I suppose it’s redemptive, considering the mistreatment of millions of human beings in the name of evolution and “science.” Don’t believe? Look at most of the dictators of communism and Margaret Sanger for research sake.

But, wait. Aren’t these tribal cultures refusing to “evolve?” Or are we allegedly “evolving in consciousness,”as it were, by accepting an “all gods are one” fashion statement of hip multiculturalism? Pope Francis declares “all religions are true,” but with a forked tongue asserts that the Garden of Eden and hell are fictional. He has gotten a lot of atheists’ positive attention in this new zeitgeist of molding God in our own image.

The liberal cry for change turns silent when they’re looking to preserve a culture refusing to assimilate with the modern world. Nothing wrong with them keeping their old ways, but the irony remains. On a side note, “coexist” bumper stickers annoy me. We already coexist. Just not for eternity.

Brittany Corbridge

Carson City

heg heg

I just read where Nevada is in last place in the education survey. Now I cannot speak for Las Vegas, but here in Carson City, I did volunteer work at Fritsch for two years, and I tutored reading at Empire for six years. I worked under the No Child Left Behind program. I can tell you that Empire was about 83 percent Hispanic. I can tell you I worked with some of the most dedicated and best teachers ever. Empire even had a pre-kindergarten program.

Here is the problem: most of the kids spoke only Spanish; a lot of the kids did not even know their own language. Yet we were required to have them at third grade reading level by third grade. Under the No Child Left Behind program, the teachers had meetings to learn through out the year with subs. Most did not have a clue what was going on.

Here is the answer to the problem: take all the Spanish-speaking kids out of all the schools and put them in one school with Spanish-speaking teachers. Then grade the rest of the schools separate from the Spanish-speaking schools. You will see quite a difference.

Tim Holdsworth

Carson City


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