MAC and other projects back on board’s plate

The next big steps in building Carson City’s long-awaited multi-purpose athletic center and tackling other capital projects go before the Board of Supervisors Thursday.

The board also plans a joint meeting with the city’s Charter Review Committee to discuss possible action on involving a member of that unit in lobbying at the Nevada Legislature when charter review questions are at issue.

Agenda items on the multi-purpose athletic center (MAC) and other projects, however, are likely the pending set of matters that will rivet attention of board members and observers the most. In part, that is because among pertinent items is a resolution to proceed with $13.6 million in bonds to finance the MAC and other projects. Overall, the projects will cost some $17 million if done, so more bonding could come later.

Also on the agenda is review of an updated time schedule and budgets to plan, design and construct the projects, though undoubtedly additional detail work will follow in the future.

Underpinning for the bonded indebtedness is the one-eighth of a penny city sales tax increase approved earlier by the board, which now is referred to as the infrastructure sales tax.

The MAC, which has been given top priority among the projects, will be financed in part by $5.7 million due to previously-accumulated quality funding and now the more than $2 million keyed to the bonds issued due to the new infrastructure sales tax revenue.

Other projects, details of which will be refined later, include a city animal shelter, culturally-oriented improvements for the Carson City Community Center and business corridor improvements.

Those are anticipated downtown, north and south along Carson Street and to the east along William Street.

The MAC project, on the city’s radar screen to ramp up gymnasium and related indoor athletic space, is at least 60 percent designed and will go on grounds currently owned by the Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Nevada.

An option done earlier transfers that ground to the city and the MAC will be next door to the club’s facility at 1870 Russell Way. City government and the clubs also are working out a joint usage pact.


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