Several small fires occur in Carson area

Ironically, Saturday became a day in which the Carson City Fire Department could’ve had a similar mantra to the unofficial Post Office motto and that would have been fitting since firefighters had to act quickly to put out a fire near the Post Office on Roop Street.

It was part of a busy day for firefighters who dealt with several small fires in the Carson City area. The unofficial Post Office motto goes something like neither snow nor rain, and much like the Post office, local firefighters weren’t going to let rain, wind and even hail prevent them from getting to their appointed rounds.

The fire in an empty field off of Little Lane between Roop and Saliman Streets near the Post Office was limited to an acre. “We handle that one pretty quickly,” Carson City Assistant Fire Chief Tom Tarulli said. “It was pretty fast. That was a pretty hot, raging fire.”

Also contained were three other small fires, two in Kings Canyon and one in Ash Canyon.

The rain helped firefighters as it kept those fires from spreading, according to scanner traffic.

The two fires in Kings Canyon were each about 10x10 in size and were knocked down.

The Ash Canyon fire was about a quarter-of-an acre, according to the Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center.

Another 5x5 fire in the Duck Hill area north of Carson City was actually stopped by heavy rainfall.

Tarulli also stated there was another fire he described as a brush-power pole fire on Goni Road on Saturday night. “Hopefully, that’s the last of them,” he said.


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